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    Normally this is the section where it’s “About Me”. But I think it should be all about you!  because its  your personality I want to capture not mine.

    Rather than go on about “me” and how long I’ve been in business, what I like and what equipment I use. Instead I want to focus on you; what you need, what you want and what is important to you.

    I sum it up in three simple words: People, Photography and Promises.


    web nadjaYou are the Queen (or possibly the King), long live the Queen! I not only believe this to be true, but I actually follow through on it. This means we treat you like royalty. I care about you and the smallest of details, both before and long after the shoot. If you ever have a query about one of the sessions or would like to try something again, then I make that my mission to sort it out or put your mind at rest. I’m the friendly, fun, funky and fresh world of photography and I practically insist that everybody has an amazing time and leaves smiling!


    web luke To offer you the finest portfolio’s I can produce is a result of paying attention to detail in every aspect of my work. I’m a fanatic about doing things right, this way you can have the utmost confidence in your session I love listening to feedback and ideas, dreams and desires, concepts and styles so we can tailor make your session around you and what it is you want to get out of the time. Stuck for ideas? I’m very good at thinking outside the box and creating something very special just for you!


    Web NessI want you to love your photos, display them proudly on your wall, design a portfolio, give to granny for Christmas or post them on facebook. I want you to look at them and say “WOW I look great!” Doing a photo shoot with me you have my pledge of excellence and dedication in every aspect of my business including aftercare. If something is not quite right with your photo let me know and I’ll sort it out.  Keeping my promises to you is not only good business; it’s the right thing to do.

     People, Photography and Promises—three magical words that say why it’s all about you and making you look great!

    Awww ok… just a little “About me”…

    I specialize in the unusual, the contemporary and the splendiferous, I want each of our shoots to be different from the last. Each model is an individual and I adapt what we do to suit their style, personality and ambitions. If you have a crazy idea that might just look incredible in front of the camera let me know – Lets make something unique to you!

    “For me photography should always be about the subjects personality, my job is to discover, focus and explode that character in all its wonderful colour and vibrancy on to the image. Good photography is about a two way conversation between the model and the lens, its a dynamic that brings out the subjects character and emotions. It draws the viewer closer as they delve in to the models personality and asks questions of their imagination and own experiences”


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